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Sparkle Creations by Tyyon, Strass Shoes


How to Strass Shoes

** A Basic Guide for Beginners Ebook Option **

Pictured above are the very first pair of shoes I strassed. I was inspired by the $6,300 (not a typo) Christian Louboutin Daffodile. I even painted the soles red!
It took me many, many hours of research to learn the art of strassing. In fact, I still learn from each project..but it is a fun and rewarding job. 
 If you have an interest in strassing (blinging) shoes but have no idea how to start, my guide will teach you the Very BasicsThe process is not hard. Yes, it will take some time and patience but...with practice, you too can learn to strass (bling) like a professional!
The beginner's guide will focus on the supplies you'll need to get started and a few Basic strassing steps. If you follow the suggestions, you'll learn enough to strass (bling) your first pair of shoes and, they will look very nice. 
My guide will NOT answer questions like, how many crystals you'll need, how long will it take or what size crystals you'll need for your project. Each project will differ depending on size of shoe, personal taste, experience and other factors.
I can not stress enough, this guide is for the Very Beginner. If you have any experience strassing, this ebook may be to basic for you.
As this is an ebook, all sales are final.
Once you purchase the ebook, I will send the link to your email address. If you do not pay using PayPal, don't forget to email me your email address. 
Price Ebook Price $9.00